As most Americans celebrate the 4th of July and their great \”freedom\”, I do not find myself in the mood to celebrate seeing the very sad state America is in right now.  Americans are free in the same sense that animals in a Zoo are free to walk around in their pens.  Freedom is an illusion that the Snakes who rule America can decide to greatly restrict or take away entirely should they decide to.

I am not trying to be Black Pill here and I believe there is always hope, but I see some very bad things coming down the pike for America in the not too distant future centered around the Convid 19 Psyop.  America could very well be headed toward military martial law and Convid 19 could be the excuse the Snakes use to do it.  What the Snakes want, in case you have not already figured it out, is more and more control over all of our lives and less and less actual freedom for American citizens.  In California and other places, American citizens cannot even go into a store to buy food for themselves without wearing a mask that they have to pay for themselves.  No mask, no groceries.  How is that for freedom?  If what I predict is going to happens it will get a lot worse than this.  There may come a time when you cannot buy groceries unless you scan positive for having had the \”vaccine\” for the Corona Virus.  If and when you see them setting up scanning stations in the stores that can test if people have had the \”vaccine\”, watch out.  I am predicting that the Government is going to force people to be vaccinated and at your own expense.  Nothing in this Psyop is free.  You are required to wear a mask that YOU have to buy. Later you will be required to get a vaccine, possibly every year, that YOU will have to pay for.  And they will blackmail citizens into doing it.  How?  By using testing stations that can easily scan people to see if they have had the \”vaccine\”.  If you do not pass the test you cannot be employed or buy groceries.  This is where I think America is headed if the Zionist wolves that run America get their way, which is why I do not feel like celebrating my freedom on this 4th of July.  Everything I see happening now is like a slow motion ride into Dystopia.  I am warning every American citizen about it. Now is the time to have your eyes wide open to what is really going on with Convid 19.

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