I discovered that Hitler was not at all as I had been told when I listened to his speeches translated into English and was shocked to discover that what he was saying about Germany then (early 1930\’s) is the same thing that is happening in the USA now. The USA needs someone like this to come in and clean up the Jewish cesspool that America has become. It REALLY needs it. But instead of a Hero saving America all we have is a Jew owned puppet named Donald J. Trump. No heroes even on the radar. Jews have total control of a brainwashed clueless nation.

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  1. Hitler was the brainchild of theodor Herzl, who said we need to increase the suffering of the jews. Let the anti-semites work for us to get israel and get rid of the stuborn German Christians. They always control both sides. Hitler was the Trump of his time. But people had no internet and no clue of the hegelian sialectic of our chosen friends.


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