Two Worlds Paradigm example of the Apollo Moon Landings of 1969-73.

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  NASA and the Government of the United States of America sent men to walk on the moon six different times starting in 1969 and ending in 1973, all during the Presidential term of Richard M. Nixon.  The USA went to the moon because it rocks and its the most technologically advanced country in the world and it can do what others only dream of due to its advanced technology.

Real World Explanation:  NASA and the U.S. Government staged a hoax on the American people and the entire world by staging the moon landings six different times starting in 1969 and ending in 1973, all during the Presidential term of Richard M. Nixon.  Deception was used by showing Astronaut actors walking on a set made to look like the moon on television.  No American Astronauts got even close to the real moon.  It was all a staged deception.

Most all of the videos on Youtube are Shill videos promoting the lie that American Astronauts walked on the moon but there are a few videos that are very revealing of the Lie.  Here is a video of the first Press Conference of the three Apollo 11 AstroNots after their return from the \”moon\”.  The looks of shame and guilt on their faces and their very awkward body language as well as their inability to answer of any of the questions put to them realistically is very revealing that these men never went to the moon:

Below is a close up high resolution picture of one of the Apollo modules that supposedly travelled all the way through space from the earth to the moon and landed on the moon.  Open this picture and take a good look at this thing and tell me if you believe it did that.  This thing looks like it was made in someone\’s basement and has no ability to fly whatsoever.  Its just a prop used in a Psyop, and not a very good one either:

NASA, like the rest of the U.S. Government is a shameless, immoral liar with no real credibility whatsoever.  

EDIT TO ADD:  Of all the Lies I am trying to expose on my little Blog, I consider the Apollo Moon Landings Lie one of the least harmful.  Don\’t get me wrong.  I believe that All Lies and All Deceptions are bad things that should never happen.  But in the case of this deception, the net result of it was to make the American people feel proud of their country for its great accomplishment in space, even if the accomplishment was a complete lie.  In the end, it does not matter.  In America, perceived truth is more important than Actual Truth.

One might conclude that the deceptive means (Faked moon landings on a moon set) justified the desired end, which was millions of Americans being proud of their Nation and seeing it as Number One in the World.  I do not agree with this.  A supposedly good end never justifies a deceptive means.  Unfortunately, the people who run and control the U.S. Government do not see it this way. For them, a completely dishonest means is perfectly fine if it gets them what they want in the end.  Another good example of this is 9-11.

EDIT TO ADD:  Outside of all the shills still pushing this lie to this very day, what I find extremely sad and depressing is all the people who still believe this lie even after fifty years.  They still see this as mankind\’s greatest accomplishment instead of as mankind\’s greatest Hoax.  Some people will never wake up.  Today you can be certain that these people are wearing masks everywhere they go.

EDIT TO ADD:  The following is a very revealing video featuring Buzz Aldrin concerning the Apollo moon landings. Buzz wants to tell the truth so bad but he can\’t quite do it.  Time for another drink Buzz to ease your guilty conscience.

EDIT TO ADD:  Here is a very good PDF explaining the NASA Apollo Moon Landing Fraud in detail:

Dave McGowan – Wagging the Moon Doggie PDF

EDIT TO ADD:  Here is a good PDF explaining the NASA Apollo Moon Landing Fraud in detail:

Ralph Rene – NASA Mooned America PDF

EDIT TO ADD:  One of the pieces of disinformation that the NASA shills use to give false credibility to the NASA Apollo moon landings FRAUD is the claim that reflectors were placed on the moon and that these are proof that the moon landings were real.  This is 100% disinformation.  They can no more prove the reflectors are there than they can prove anything else that was supposedly left on the moon by the Astronauts are there.  Its all Bullshit to keep the lie going for as long as they possibly can.


Apollo Smoke and Mirrors

The Three Apollo 11 Astronauts who participated in the original Moon Landing Hoax were all Freemasons.


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  1. Organized corruption at the very highest levels of the U.S. Government. Big pay offs to everyone involved. The mistake that most people make is to believe that the U.S. Government is honest and would never be part of a lie like this. People who believe this have no idea what the U.S. Government is like. Its more like a big mafia but it goes beyond the U.S.


  2. The rockets were real. They just couldn't send people to the moon so they spent a few days in orbit of Earth instead. Nasa filmed all the moon landings in a studio. Why do you think Neil Armstrong never said anything to anyone? NASA built a satellite to orbit the moon that sent pre-recorded video and audio back to earth and launched it just before Apollo 11 and then sent it to the moon when Apollo was in orbit of Earth, so people who tracked the signal would think it was really on the moon. The \”moon rocks\” are all earth rocks Wehner von Braun and his team brought back from Antartica that have been bombarded with x-rays and hit with high speed dust and dirt to simulate impacts on the moon. When they analyse all the moon rocks they say hey they're just like Earth rocks!!


  3. My great grandfather never believed it at the time. Funny enough I found out another person in that generation said \”this is a hoax and they should sue Disney\”.. So it's easy to believe they were fooled when in actual fact, free thinking people questioned it from the beginning. I feel very sad for Armstrong and his crew at the press interview. It looks like they just witnessed or found out something horrible. A secret they'd have taken to the grave, no doubt.


  4. I believed the moon landings were authentic until I saw through 9-11. After I saw through 9-11 then I saw through the moon landings and many other lies. What I had the hardest time accepting is that so many people would be willingly lying about these things. For the longest time I could not wrap my head around that but the inevitable conclusion is that American society is deeply corrupt and controlled from way back. I did not want to accept that but now that I have a lot of other things I did not understand suddenly made sense. We are ruled by lying psychopaths who control the government, the media, basically the entire show. Most people do not want to accept that. For most of my life I have not been a free thinking individual. I have been a brainwashed wage slave. It took 9-11 to open my eyes. You do not understand about the Astronauts that they were all three Freemasons and corrupt themselves. Maybe they did not know it was going to be staged until the last moment and that is why they looked so ashamed at that Apollo 11 press conference. Either way, at least Aldrin and Collins came back later and started telling the lie for NASA so they are corrupt and guilty.


  5. Great article… I too came to understand that the moon landings were fake back in my University days back in 1979…I too have written extensively over the years about this fraud… And of course the fraud of NASA continues with their fake MARS rover landers that are no where near the Martian surface…But of course this makes sense, for in regards to NASA, once a liar always a liar.


  6. It was not until I saw through the 9-11 deception that I was able to see through other deceptions, including this one. 9-11 was my big eye opener that the world is not what it appears to be and that the people who run it are pathological liars. I had a very difficult time overcoming that psychological \”hump\” but once I did everything else just fell into place for me. Most people will never do the hard work of breaking their brain washing so they will never know. It is only because I really wanted to know about 9-11 that I found the bad truth about the world.


  7. Before I started this Blog I was doing everything I could to expose the Apollo Moon Landing Lie on Youtube and it was Youtube that I saw the flat earth proponents. Here is my honest assessment of the flat earthers: they are dishonest shills who push the flat earth meme simply to discredit anyone saying that the Apollo moon landings were fake. Anyone who says the Apollo moon landings were faked is accused of being a flat earther and this is by design. Its a completely dishonest campaign to change \”NASA faked the Apollo moon landings\” to \”the earth is flat\” and IMO Jews are very much involved in this campaign. As an example, one of my Blog posts here on Apollo got reposted on Reddit and I was immediately labeled as a flat earther by one of those shills. So whenever you see someone pushing flat earth, know that it is a shill who is trying to discredit the truth that the Apollo moon landings were completely faked. I know this by experience in dealing with these bad actors.


  8. EDIT TO ADD: The Flat earth meme is a way to totally derail the conversation about NASA faking the moon landings. Get enough shills saying this and suddenly the truth has been derailed and this is the purpose of it. There is a very similar thing happening concerning the JFK assassination. When someone like myself makes a post about Jackie being the assassin of her husband, the shills immediately respond \”No the driver did it.\” Do you see the tactic being used? Get enough shills saying this everywhere and the truth becomes completely derailed and suddenly the shills are controlling the conversation and truth has become completely lost. In a Jewish world filled with dishonesty, lies and deception, nobody should be surprised at this. Jews have filled the internet with shills who do everything they can to prevent the common man from knowing the truth about many things.


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