Not everyone who comes forward as a truther is telling the truth.  On the Internet, most \”truthers\” are Snakes wearing Sheep\’s clothing.  Be very careful who you trust on the internet to be telling the truth.  All of the leading Truthers are minions of the Snakes.  For example Alex Jones is one of the most notorious Shills on the internet although he has been given the false persona of a person exposing Lies and telling deep truths.  Do not trust anything coming out of this man\’s mouth or anyone associated with him.  All of the leading Truther internet sites are also controlled opposition.  Reddit and 4Chan are examples of this.  The sites telling the truth are never going to be well known.  The truth is never given to you on a silver platter and if it is then you should view as a Trojan Horse which is from the enemy.  Again, all major truthers and all major web sites that portray themselves as telling the truth are controlled opposition.  Truth can be found on the internet but its not going to be on any of the major sites.

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